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  2. Basic Rifle Course
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Are YOU ready for the unthinkable?

Tactical Overwatch Group, LLC is here to make certain you are.  We provides our clients at the governmental, corporate and individual level with:
  •  ​Comprehensive Home and Business Security Assessments
  • Civilian Firearms Training
  • Dignitary/Executive Protection
  • Survival Mindset Seminars
  • Workplace Violence Training for Armed Intruders and Physical Threats



  1. William
    Great course! The instructors were very personable and did an excellent job of explaining the law and how the various firearms work. They did great job of explaining the use and safety of firearms, especially at the range. If you are gong to take a Firearms Safety Certification Course, this is the course to take.
  2. Courtney
    Great class! Very knowledgable instructors and a small intimate class allowing them time to answer any questions we had. The range portion was helpful in feeling comfortable handling and discharging a firearm.